Alessandra Biaggi Accepts the Endorsement of the Jim Owles Liberal Democratic Club


New York State still has no law prohibiting discrimination based on gender identity or expression.

As a citizen and an attorney -- this failure to codify basic human dignity offends me.

And when I am representing the 34th District in the State Senate, I will work tirelessly for the passage of GENDA – the Gender Expression Non-Discrimination Act.

That is why I am so pleased today to accept the endorsement of the Jim Owles Liberal Democratic Club. The late Jim Owles was a fearless fighter for the rights of LGBTQ communities. And I know the Jim Owles organization will help me push to make GENDA the law in our state.

Alessandra Biaggi will be a welcome addition to the NY State Senate," said Allen Roskoff, President of the Jim Owles Liberal Democratic Club and co-author of the nation’s first gay rights bill. "She will fight effectively for economic equality, for the rights of tenants, better schools and more and better jobs for her constituents and all New Yorkers. She is an unabashed progressive who will fight for a woman’s right to choose, a more just and compassionate criminal justice system, documented and undocumented immigrants and will stand up for full equality for LGBT New Yorkers. Her opponent is a Democrat in name only, a major recipient of donations from landlords' lobbyists, who spent the last 8 years caucusing with Trump Republicans, selling out our Democratic values, the Democratic Party, tenants and working people. Biaggi is the clear choice.” 

GENDA was first introduced in 2003. It has been passed repeatedly since then by the Democratic-led Assembly. But passage by the Senate has been blocked because my opponent, Jeff Klein, gave control of the chamber to John Flanagan and his Republican Conference.

Klein said last year: “If I have anything to do with it, John Flanagan is going to be the leader for a long, long time.”

The time for passage of GENDA and a long list of other crucial legislation has long passed – meaning it is also time to oust Klein and the other seven senators in his rogue political clique, the Independent Democratic Conference.

Let’s bring true democracy to Albany!




  1. Hon. Eric Adams
  2. George Arzt
  3. Lance Bass
  4. John Blair
  5. Mark Benoit
  6. Hon. Rodneyse Bichotte
  7. Hon. Jonathan Bing
  8. Erik Bottcher
  9. Robin Byrd
  10. Hon. Gale Brewer
  11. Christian Campbell
  12. Gus Christensen
  13. Hon. Martin Connor
  14. Hon. Jon Cooper
  15. Wilson Cruz
  16. Hon. Laurie Cumbo
  17. Alan Cumming
  18. Valorie Curry
  19. Michael Czaczkes
  20. Hon. Bill de Blasio
  21. Jon Del Giorno
  22. Aries Dela Cruz
  23. Kyan Douglas
  24. Hon. Daniel Dromm
  25. James Duff
  26. Hon. Ronnie Eldridge
  27. Hon. Rafael Espinal
  28. Hon. Alan Fleishman
  29. Hon. Dan Garodnick
  30. Dan Gettleman
  31. Jason Goldman
  32. Emily Jane Goodman
  33. Hon. Mark Green
  34. Tony Hoffmann
  35. Hon. Brad Hoylman
  36. Binn Jakupi
  37. Hon. Letitia James
  38. Hon. Corey Johnson
  39. Camille Joseph
  40. Phillip Keane
  41. Greg Lambert
  42. Dodge Landesman
  43. Phillip McCarthy
  44. Matt McMorrow
  45. Michael Mallon
  46. Mike C. Manning
  47. David Mansur
  48. Cathy Marino-Thomas
  49. Troy Masters
  50. Hon. Carlos Menchaca
  51. Hon. Rosie Mendez
  52. John Cameron Mitchell
  53. Donny Moss
  54. Barry Mullineaux
  55. Hon. Paul Newell
  56. Denis O'Hare
  57. America Olivo Campbell
  58. Noah Pfefferbilt
  59. Josue Pierre
  60. Bob Pontarelli
  61. Billy Porter
  62. Hon. Keith Powers
  63. Randy Rainbow
  64. Hon. Jenifer Rajkumar
  65. Hon. Gustavo Rivera
  66. Hon. Helen Rosenthal
  67. Maer Roshan
  68. Toby Russo
  69. Bill Samuels
  70. James Sansum
  71. Scott Sartiano
  72. Hon. Arthur Schwartz
  73. Lynn Schulman
  74. Frank Selvaggi
  75. Rev. Al Sharpton
  76. Hon. Jo Anne Simon
  77. Tom Smith
  78. Anne Strahle
  79. Hon. Scott Stringer
  80. Wayne Sunday
  81. Hon. Bill Thompson
  82. JD Thompson
  83. Bjorn Thorstad
  84. Hon. Matt Titone
  85. Hon. Ritchie Torres
  86. Sam Underwood
  87. Jessica Walter
  88. Patricia Nell Warren
  89. Wil Weder
  90. Seth Weissman
  91. Mel Wymore
  92. Emma Wolfe
  93. Hon. Keith Wright
  94. Zephyr Teachout